Ringworm in Dogs

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Ringworm in Dogs

Ringworm is a fungal disease that can affect dogs, cats and other domestic animals, but can also be easily contracted to humans. If you have dog pet at home, then this article may be interesting for you. Here, you can find information on what ringworm is, what are its symptoms, and finally, how can it be treated.      

What is ringworm   

So, what is ringworm? The name of the diseases is certainly misleading, because the disease is not caused by worm, but by a fungus called Dermatophytes. This fungus causes lesions of the skin in the form of circular patches. In the past, people thought that the disease was caused by worms which was the base for the name. The fungus Dermatophytes lives on the skin and thrives on the dead skin and hair. The most common of fungus that causes ringworm in dogs and cats is called Microsporum canis. Ringworm’s symptoms include lesions on the skin. This small lesion on dog’s skin eats the dead skin and hair, expanding the lesion in time. Usually, the symptoms of ringworm appear on specific locations, such as the paws, the tail, the ears and the face of the dog. You should know that ringworm is common in puppies and kittens, because unlike adult animals, they have poorer immunity and are more susceptible to the disease. In some cases, dogs and cats many be carriers of the disease, but they show no symptoms of the disease, transmitting it to other animals and people.

Ringworms in dogs- how do you get ringworms  

Ringworms in dogs are common disease and it can be treated easily. Usually, ringworm is transmitted to one sick animal to another, and it can also be transmitted to people. The larvae of the fungus can live for long period in beds, mattresses, grooming items, carpets and other items. The incubation period of the disease is ten to twelve days. In some cases, the disease can also be transmitted by contact with infected soil. So, how do you get ringworms? Ringworms can be easily transmitted to people by contact with infected animal or soil or objects. Therefore, if you have cat or dog, as well as any other animal, be careful for ringworm symptoms, because the disease can be easily transmitted to you and the members of your family while grooming or petting.


Ringworms in dogs are nothing to be afraid of, because the disease can be treated easily and efficiently. If you happen to spot any lesions on the skin of your dog that are expending, then take your dog to the vet. Usually, ringworms will resolve by themselves, but veterinarians usually prescribe antifungal medications, dips and shampoos in order to relieve the discomfort of the animal. If you dog happen to suffer from ringworms, you should know that the therapy by itself will not be sufficient as you will need to decontaminate your home. Wash all clothes and garment that has come in contact with your dog. In addition, using a bleach and water solution in ratio 10:1, clean all surfaces in the house that might be infested with larvae. Steaming is also excellent manner to get rid of ringworms larvae, so it is advisable to clean your carpets, couches and bed using steam.

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